What our clients say about us

At Systematics International Ltd (Systematics), we are committed to providing the highest quality statistical reports to manufacturing industries worldwide.

To ensure we are delivering the best possible service, we recently carried out a satisfaction survey with our clients. While we were seeking to highlight any areas that could be improved, the team at Systematics was pleased with the results.

Firstly, clients were asked to rate various aspects of Systematics delivery of customer service standards, amongst the features examined were calls, delivery and competence, all of these receiving a high score, confirming our commitment to continue providing a high standard to all our customers.   

At Systematics, we always welcome new clients who start working with us following a positive referral from an existing client. Therefore, we were delighted to learn that 97% of the respondents would be happy to recommend Systematics to another company which they feel would benefit from our services.
Another achievement was that nearly three-fifths of respondents felt that no further improvements were required in the way in which the team at Systematics worked with them; for the other two-thirds, we will be taking their feedback on board to see how we can enhance the services provided and offer a better experience to benefit all our clients.

The survey also highlighted the fact that 45% of the clients questioned appeared to be unaware of the consultancy services provided by Systematics, a key area that can add value to existing clients. As Systematics presence in the consultancy service business is relatively new, we will be actively promoting this area over the coming months. We would appreciate you contacting the team at Systematics for any projects with which you require support.  

Comments from clients described their “good working relationship” with Systematics, and how working well together meant “whatever we ask for, we get”.

We will now be considering the results in more detail to ensure that any necessary measures can be put in place to continually enhance the level of client satisfaction.

Finally, we would like to thank all the clients who participated in the survey for taking the time to provide such valuable feedback. We look forward to continuing to work with you for many years to come.

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