Global Registrations Data Monitor

Systematics collects registrations data from a wide variety of sources within worldwide markets, and organises this information into a comprehensive database.

This can be used to measure:

  • Business performance
    • Share of market analysis
    • Market data trends
  • Production requirements
    • Factory forecasts
    • Company inventories
  • Dealer performance
    • Profitability
    • Dealer standards
    • Sales to end-user clients

We add value to this data by standardising registration model names, HPs and type codes, classifying each unit into a recognised category. From this data, we provide reliable, accurate and consistent flows of information customised to the requirements of our clients.

The objectives of the Global Registrations Data Monitor are to:

  • Satisfy the expressed demand for a single data source which is commonly acceptable across the industry
  • Provide the highest quality information and interpretation
  • Provide timely data which is consistent through time
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