Systematics’ International Registrations Database rebranded

The International Registrations Database (IRD) is a data service that Systematics has been providing for a number of years. This year, however, the team has rebranded the service to coincide with the launch of the company’s brand new website.

The service, which sees Systematics collect agricultural registration data from a wide variety of sources within the western and eastern European markets, before organising this information into a comprehensive database, has now been rebranded as Global Registrations Data Monitor (GDRM).

GDRM can be used to measure:

  • Business performance
    • Share of market analysis.
    • Market data trends.
  • Production requirements
    • Factory forecasts.
    • Company inventories.
  • Dealer performance
    • Profitability.
    • Dealer standards.
    • Sales to end-user customers.

Systematics adds value to all data provided by standardising registration model names, horsepower (HP) specifications and type codes, and then classifying each unit into recognised categories. From this data, the team provides reliable, accurate and consistent flows of information customised to the requirements of its clients.

Commenting on the recent rebranding, Manuel Bhatt, Chief Finance & Strategic Planning Officer at the company, said: “As part of our strategic growth plan, it is our aim to continue to expand this data collection to other worldwide markets.

“Due to this ambition, we have decided to rebrand the service to reflect its global nature and potential, which we hope will one day enable our customers to seek out a better view of performance in many other parts of the world”.


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