Systematics in the Community – Protecting Wildlife for the Future and for the People of Essex

Systematics International Ltd has joined the Essex Wildlife Trust, the largest conservation charity in the county of Essex and one of the biggest in the British Isles.

The Trust has been protecting Essex for wildlife and people since 1959 and is working hard to restore, recreate and rebuild Living Landscapes, which will enable species and people to move through a wildlife-rich countryside.

Chief Finance and Strategic Planning Officer, Manuel Bhatt said: “We are very pleased to become a Corporate Member of the Essex Wildlife Trust as we feel that we are helping to protect our beautiful county and many of the habitats that are under threat in Essex.

“If you are lucky enough to be working in a countryside environment, take a look around you and you will see how beautiful it is. Sometimes we all take for granted the ancient woodlands, historic and picturesque villages, and the wildlife, and if we don’t look after it, we may lose it forever.

“The natural environment is no different from your business environment, it needs management, care, expertise, effort, in essence, it needs us all to look around and help to conserve the flora and fauna and we at Systematics International Ltd are very proud to provide the support which enables all that to happen.”

If you also would like to find out more about The Essex Wildlife Trust, please visit and you too could do your bit to protect many areas that are invaluable to people and wildlife.

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