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….. a view from Mr Peter Schenk (ex- CLAAS)

In February 2015, Christine and Manuel Bhatt were delighted to welcome Mr. Peter Schenk and his wife Mrs. Maria Schenk for a weekend, enjoying the beautiful Essex countryside and reminiscing about a long term partnership with Systematics.
Peter Schenk worked for Claas GmbH, Germany in the Market Planning and Research department for almost 34 years before retiring in May 2011.

Manuel said: “Since Peter’s retirement we have continued to keep in touch and formed a very good family friendship; it’s great to see both Peter and Maria enjoying their retirement.”

Peter was involved from nearly the start of the business relationship between the International Shipments Exchange members and Systematics back in the mid 1970s when the data exchange was implemented.

Systematics has always aimed not only to keep a very professional relationship with all of its customers, but also to develop a friendly relationship too, and the proof is clear to see; even after retirement of members such as Mr. Schenk, the relationship has continued. Christine said: “Life is all about building strong relationships, not only in business but also long term friendships to enrich our lives.”


Peter offered to make a short commentary about his experience working with Systematics and his original text, as well as an English translation, can be seen below:

40 Jahre  CLAAS  membership of  Systematics International

Als wir Mitte der 70 iger Jahre die Zusammenarbeit mit Systematics International starteten, – konnte noch niemand diese  langfristige und erfolgreiche Geschichte dieser besonderen Mitgliedschaft absehen.

Beginnend mit ehemals tabellarischen Branchenstatistiken in „ Printausführung“ bis zu heute hochkomplexen, individuellen  IT – Lösungen die real zu geschäftlichen. Entscheidungsfindungen und Empfehlungen zu möglichen Vorgehensweisen beitragen können.

Dieses Vorgehen, über aktuell mehr als 40 Jahre gemeinsam zu Bewerkstelligen , kann nur mit gegenseitigem Respekt, großem

Vertrauen und eiserner Disziplin zwischen  Geschäftspartnern gelingen.

Chris und Manuel Bhatt haben diese hohen Herausforderungen seit der Übernahme and  owner des Systematics Iinternational – Geschäftsfeldes auf ganz professionelle Weise bewältigt.

Dafür, – und auch für die bis  heute „privat“ anhaltende freundschaftliche Begleitung nach meinem altersbedingtem Ausscheiden als  langjähriger  „haed of market research„  at  CLAAS  Company – meinen ( unseren ) allerherzlichsten Dank.

Peter + Maria Schenk

March 2015


40 years of CLAAS membership of Systematics International

When we started in the mid 1970s the co-operation with Systematics International Ltd, no-one could have foreseen the long-term and successful history of this special membership.

From its initial ‘print version’ to today’s highly complex customised IT reports, we found the industry statistics to be very useful as it provided us with solutions that could contribute to real business decision-making processes and recommendations on possible approaches to future strategic decisions.

The membership of more than 40 years was only possible to accomplish due to mutual respect, a large amount of trust and an iron discipline which has enabled both companies to succeed as business partners.

Since the Management Buyout, Christine and Manuel Bhatt, together with their team, have not only have kept these values but have also improved in a very professional manner the way the business is run today, despite the challenges facing the business.

For this, and also for the friendly support following retirement as a head of market research at CLAAS Company, my heartfelt thanks.

Peter and Maria Schenk

March 2015



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