Our CEO has hit the headlines of Essex Director Magazine

We are delighted to announce that our CEO, Christine Bhatt, has been featured in the latest edition of Essex Director Magazine, which has focused on the theme of “change”.

Every business experience changes, whether it is in their team or the direction of their products and services or the technology that they use.

Produced by the Institute of Directors, this magazine is sent to hundreds of businesses across the county of Essex to bring insights to leaders of various industries.

Speaking in the magazine, Christine said: “The Covid-19 pandemic was a catalyst for transforming organisations, profoundly changing how we live and work. This, combined with directors facing changes that are driven by digital transformation, rising costs and the push towards Net Zero, means that standing still is no longer an option.

“The most agile directors can gain competitive advantage by implementing changes before they are forced to. Skilful planning is key, but the best directors also create a culture of innovation within their organisations that make changes easier to implement.”

Systematics is continually driving digital transformation, having a clear strategy and commitment from the team, with an agile mindset, we have delivered cost-effective and sustainable results.

A big thank you to the Institute for Directors for their support and Christine’s inclusion in the latest edition. Being able to exchange thoughts and ideas with fellow members has accelerated our journey.

Read the full article here


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