Systematics scores 100 per cent in customer satisfaction survey

Systematics International Ltd is very pleased to announce that in its recent customer satisfaction survey conducted by independent marketing company, JE Consulting, an outstanding result of 100 per cent satisfaction was attained.

Manuel Bhatt, Chief Finance and Strategic Planning Officer at Systematics International Ltd. said: “This is excellent news; it’s very pleasing to see that we have a 100 per cent satisfaction rate amongst our clients. Two years ago a similar survey generated a 97% satisfaction and to hit a 100% now indicates that the company continues to deliver an exceptional service. Thank you so much to all our customers; the bar has been set very high once again. We appreciated all the constructive feedback that we received to implement further improvements, which we take on board in order to ensure that we continue to meet the expectations of our customers.”

Manuel added: “To thank the participants for taking the time to complete the survey, a name was to be drawn out of the hat and a prize (a case of wine) given to the lucky respondent. However, Systematics decided to extend this to a total of six prizes as we were overwhelmed by the number of replies and the quality of feedback received. Thank you all.”

The lucky prize winners are:

  • Nick Armstrong, AGCO Corporation
  • James Clark, BITA
  • Sueleyman Erekdi, Krone
  • Chris Evans, AEA
  • Patrick Lebourg, Cisma
  • Alex Plonka, Terex

“Congratulations to all six winners, but above all, I’d like to thank everyone for taking the time to give us their feedback that will allow us to keep improving our services. I do hope in the next survey you will continue to take part as we truly value every single one of you as individual customers,” added Manuel.

Christine Bhatt also stated: “For Systematics to continue being successful, the key areas to keep working on are building true customer loyalty and satisfaction and to do so we have been focusing on:

  • delivering an exceptional service, unless we continue to provide a service as flawless as possible, customers will always feel the need to keep seeking an alternative, so the Systematics team is totally committed to this KPI
  • caring delivery, it’s crucial that our team continues to interact with all our customers in a caring manner. A family type approach is a must
  • timeliness, what we mean here is that if we don’t deliver on time, we are already in the wrong, and we are extremely proud of the team as we have not missed any deadlines if the critical factors are dependent on us
  • effective problem resolution, customers now want to feel empowered to get a question answered or an issue resolved as soon as possible and our approach at Systematics is to genuinely listen to and meet our customer’s requirements, which has helped towards building a true partnership with all of our customers, whether small, medium or multinational businesses

“As one of our customers once mentioned, we operate a boutique type service, as we operate in a very niche business and our services feature unique, specialised and often highly customised services. Therefore, it means we deliver special treatment and pay close attention to detail which leads to exceptional service, and as a result our clients don’t have to worry, knowing that they will receive accurate market enterprise data on time, every time, making it hassle and pain free.”


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