Systematics celebrates ten year anniversary of MBO

Systematics is looking towards the future, as it celebrates ten years since a successful management buy-out (MBO) took place led by its existing management team.

From its offices in Battlesbridge, Essex, the company has for many years specialised in collecting market data for manufacturers of agricultural, construction, material handling and mobile crane equipment all over the world.

On 14 May 2017, the team celebrated the tenth anniversary of the MBO.

Systematics held a full day of celebrations, which was attended by customers, suppliers, staff and their families – all of whom enjoyed live band music accompanied by plenty of food and drink.

Commenting on the event, Christine said: “Manuel and I would like to thank you all for attending this special occasion.  On this very date, 14th May, ten years ago, we completed the buy-out of the company and I still vividly remember Manuel and I sitting in a very smart office in London with our lawyers, formally signing all the contracts.

“Usually, we all say that fortune favours the brave. There is no doubt that, ten years ago, Manuel and I made a huge sacrifice both on a financial and on a family front; a sacrifice well worth it.”

She added: “Although successful, our journey over the last ten years has not been easy and, like any other business, we have encounted numerous challenges along the way.

“We survived the last ten years by being flexible to the business requirements of our clients. In order to do this, we had to really focus, make many changes and follow different strategies. We also had to face a recession in 2008.

“Despite this and other challenging times such as the recent EU Referendum and General Election, the company is still growing from strength to strength – and our customers, staff and their families and suppliers continue to play a huge part in this success. Thank you to every single one of you.”

Christine, Manuel and the Systematics team are now looking towards the future, with plans to continue to expand into new markets in coming years, in terms of both sector and geography.

Manuel said: “The plan is to grow the company over the next three to five years. In order to do that, we need to tap into new markets and new countries. One of our goals is to establish overseas offices.

“Our skills in processing different types of data can be transferred across different sectors, so we are always looking for new opportunities to grow the company.”





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